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"Author J. Leigh Brown has crafted a unique and conceptual tale of murder, crime, and revenge which is like nothing I’ve ever read before. I would highly recommend Inside the String for readers seeking intelligent environmental fiction, and crime fans who want something fresh and new to explore."

K.C. Finn-Readers’ Favorite

8 Finch Productions

An embarrassed United States President sends Sam the Seeker (the Department of Interior’s elite wildlife undercover agent) to the great State of Montana. The agent’s DOI team is tasked to investigate a politically sensitive incident involving a raid on an illicit hunting camp.  At issue are those implicated, including the Nation’s inebriated Secretary of State and Montana’s very own Governor. A local news reporter filmed the nude government officials being whisked away by National Guardsmen. The day’s events made headlines around the world. This impending scandal turns into a grass-roots movement that would make Theodore Roosevelt proud.

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My Story

Writing with purpose is as important to me as living fully conscious. I advocate for creatures without a voice. This resolute objective provides one more opportunity to live with intention. 

The String’s story first revealed itself to me at age fourteen. Over time this novel grew within- alongside the many chapters of my own life.

Inside the String distinctly weds science to entertainment. Mattie Wildbird’s fictious antics will further the conversation about the defense of our natural environment. Wildlife corridors are a proven conservation means that ensure a healthy ecosystem.

"If you want something you’ve never had,

 You must be willing to do something

 You’ve never done."



The merchandise found on our shop page will help to subsidize a wilderness association that furthers the development of wildlife corridors.

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The Cause
The Cause

Critical wildlife migration routes linking Glacier to Yellowstone National Parks would enhance the health and well-being of the West's most prominent species.  These safeguarded passageways protect every animal's chance for healthy propagation and well-being.

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